How to make your own rosette display board for under £20

Not one to win rosettes that often when I do I like to hold onto them! I don’t really have a set place to display them though so they tend to end up on picture frames, kitchen pin boards, in the lorry cab and stuffed into various drawers in cupboards which isn’t really doing them justice.

So……I thought I would make a rosette display board for my frillies. I looked at options for ways to display rosettes and found a huge range of solutions some cool, some quirky and some just strange! I wanted to opt for a traditional wall hanging display but if you wanted to something a bit more unusual what about….

Cushion cover or patch work quilt made from rosette tails.

If you’re lucky enough to win lots of sashes and long tailed rosettes these could be re-purposed into cushion covers and patch work quilts for an ever lasting keepsake.

rosette cushion

Frame them or make a montage

If there’s that one special win or horse you want to commemorate why not make a montage of images, competitor numbers, rosettes etc in a deep picture frame.



Fill an empty glass jar for a decorative centre piece

For something a little more arty and as a potential table centre piece why not find a glass jar and arrange the rosettes inside to create a colourful display.


Create a rosette wreath

Buy a wicker, or foam decorative wreath and as and when you win a frilly simply spike it into the wreath, adding as time goes by to the wreath to create a complete circle of ribbons.



Christmas tree decorations or special stocking

Bring out your frillies for the festive season to create an equine inspired Christmas tree look. Use the tails to make a stocking that will remind you every year when you get it from the loft of your past achievements.



Simple rosette string solution

The old classic is just to hang a string and hook your rosettes on there. Give it a little more thought and drape your string over a bed, or window to frame the space and let the ribbons add the colour.


How to make a rosette wall display for under £20

rosette wall hanging display

This is super simple so those you you with limited sewing skills don’t worry, you’ve got this.

1/ Firstly find the space you want to hang your rosette display and measure the space. With the size of your rosette display decided buy THIS non-stretch netting material from eBay. The holes in this netting are perfect for a rosette hook to go through and it’s non-stretch so the weight of the rosette won’t distort the shape. It comes in 10 colours so you can match it to your XC colours, lorry colour or home decor. (1m for this fabric with delivery is £9.45) I went with grey to match the grey wall this will be hanging on.

rosettes display

2/Secondly choose the size of rod you want for each end of the rosette display. You can buy them HERE. The ones I bought cost £8.40 delivered.

3/Cut the fabric to the right size and hem all the edges.

4/Fold over enough fabric on opposite ends to make a tube for your rods to go through, one at each end. I chose rods that were longer than my material so that I could also hang running medals off the ends.

rosette display

5/Thread the rods through the tubes at each end of the rosette display and you are ready to go!

6/I hung mine with a piece of chain that I had already at home but you could choose whatever you prefer for hanging.

7/ Thread your rosette hooks through the net in an arrangement that you like best and hang on the wall. Add to it as time goes by and if you run out of room and need to make another one you now know how!

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