Saturday night salon

In preparation for Newbury County Show tomorrow I dragged the unsuspecting Soap in from the field today for a make over. His default look is ‘scruffy urchin’ so it took some doing to get him looking neat and tidy, but after trimming his now fluffy ‘lug holes’, bridle path, withers, fetlocks, and whiskers the washing could begin. I think he actually enjoyed a nice warm bucket bath as his newly emerging winter coat is making him itchy. To try and hold our own against the pro showing peeps I decided the plastic 1/4 mark square had to go, and I would learn how to do them by hand. The handy tip I was given was to buy a small cheap comb or a nit comb to make the markings, and use a bog standard hair gel first to wet the hair so that the marks stay in place. Off to Boots I went and £1.89 later I had my supplies! I cut the wider toothed side of the comb off, and now it’s the perfect size for making ‘racing stripes’ 1/4 marks. I thought they would be the most apt ones to draw considering we were entering the ex-racer classes! You can see my early 1/4 mark efforts below, and the ‘make over’ process in action! Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Quarter marks 'racing stripes' - first attempt not too bad!

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