Clipping never gets any better! *itch scratch itch*

I dread clipping every year because of all the little hairs that get all over you, in your eyes, clothes, mouth etc and it drives me crackers! For the past few years I have paid for someone else to clip Soap to avoid this, but having 2x hairy horses at the mo’ means I can no longer afford that luxury so it was time to get stuck in! I was feeling a little rusty so dug out a chalk block to draw a rough pattern in place. It’s easier for me to just follow the lines, and Soap doesn’t mind looking like a dress makers dummy if he gets a natty new ‘do’ at the end of it! I also decided to get a bit ‘Blue Peter’ with some parcel tape and taped my cuffs and boots to stop the dreaded stubble getting in my boots or up my sleeves. I did tape my collar to my neck as well but that proved to be a very painful step too far, ouch!

Thankfully Soap has only got to Stage 1 of winter woolliness so the outline isn’t all that clear making any mishaps a little less obvious to spot, well that’s the theory anyway…. After just over an hour he was all done and dusted and looking snazzy in his new ‘blanket clip’. I put him to bed all plaited and ready for our early start tomorrow, but it’s anybodies guess how many plaits will still be standing by 6am…

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