Horsey homework is always fun

In between my lessons I always try to ‘do my homework’ and work on what we have been achieving in our lessons back at home. I am taking both boys for a lesson this weekend so in preparation I have upped their schooling this week so they are ready to strut their stuff on Sunday. Soap is really getting the hang of being a dressage pony, and little Dustry is just so much fun to school. I love bringing on baby horses because they are a blank canvass and I get such a thrill out of teaching them even the most simple basics. The down side of riding a 4yr old is that they are hard work and highlight ALL your bad riding habits (of which I have many!) Video below shows what a little tryer he is, but please excuse my shoddy riding I have made a note to keep a more even contact, stop looking down (a habit formed from schooling on your own a lot!), straighten my back, and put my leg on NOT up to get more impulsion!

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