Weekend lesson – Valentines Day

We set off for another lesson with Liz today. Practise since our last lesson 2 weeks ago had been rudely interuppted by all the poxy snow we had, so I had only managed to exercise Soap 4/12 days, but he was on good form. We started with trot/canter poles on a circle, moving them to raise one end. This is to get him to think about where he is putting his legs not just blunder on through, as he needs to start thinking more about his job.

We moved on to a x pole bounce, the video below shows how much scope he has, but also how green he can be when it comes to sj as he missreads the trot pole as part of the jump and takes off before it!

It only takes him one attempt though to realise his mistake.

All the work eventually builds to a x pole bounce, 1 stride to a parallel, which he finishes on sweetly. I need to work on keeping my shoulders back, and waiting for the fence, whilst sitting on, and maintaining a bouncy canter, as I have a tendancy to lighten my seat. Naughty habit!

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