12191988_881056601931870_6505518127698807047_n Tottie are the most recent addition to my sponsors. I shall be road testing some of their products and also getting out and about as their ‘Roving Riding Reporter’ this year meeting other #teamtottie riders and seeing how Tottie’s support is helping them to achieve their sporting aims. Read more about this here



CaptureAloeride produce high grade Aloe Vera feed supplement for horses and humans. I started feeding Aloeride after Dustry developed a spore allergy and the changes to his management whilst adjusting to this diagnosis caused him to lose condition. Aloeride helped him to get the most from his nutrition and build muscle. It has also helped from a behavioural point of view, and calmed his attitude noticeably. For before and after images of him on the supplement click here. If you wish to buy Aloeride then please do so via this link because as an Aloeride brand ambassador I get brownie points for introducing new customers to the product!

kan teq body protector

Kan Teq have sponsored me since 2010 by kindly provided me with a lovely Kan body protector! Kan body protectors are designed specifically for women, and have been created using ‘Knox’ smart foam technology which is superior at absorbing impact. This is the most comfortable body protector I have ever ridden in, it is supportive for my back, allows me to breath without restriction, and helps me maintain good posture. If you get a chance, try one on to feel the difference for yourself.

Like many riders I had put off buying a new body protector because of the price, and was probably guilty of competing in a back protector that was well ‘past its use by date’ so when Wendy from Kan Teq got in touch I was more than happy to give the Kan a go! When my Kan arrived I was dubious about it purely because it felt heavier than my previous body protector. I put it on and within minutes I had forgotten all about the slight weight difference. I feel safe and secure in my Kan, and wouldn’t want to jump in anything else.

Visit the Kan Teq facebook page click here


Protexin Equine Premium have been sponsoring me with discounted dietary supplement products since 2009 when I first met them at a BE CDT day. Initially I was sceptical having never used supplements on a regular basis, but after starting to use ‘gut balancer’ I saw a marked difference in condition, and as my horses’ workload grew I moved them onto ‘acid ease’ and they blossomed on the product. If you are concerned about gastric ulcers or have a competition horse then it is worth reading up on their products to see if they could help you too.

Visit the Protexin Equine Premium facebook page click here


eqaEquine Adverts is an equestrian classifieds site advertising everything from horses for sale to equestrian recruitment. The creators of Equine Adverts are good friends of mine and they have helped me out with my online activity, and had a big hand in implementing the new design of GHE. Equine Adverts is a great site and offers fab value for money because all ads run for un to 6 months, you can make unlimited changes and have up to 6 photos. Prices per ad range from FREE to £2.99

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Why sponsor an amateur rider?


Thanks to my day job I have over a decade’s experience in online advertising, marketing and PR so I can offer my sponsors much more than just a give and take relationship.

My blog and associated social media platforms are here to showcase to my sponsors their support in action, and what a huge difference even a little help can make to an ‘Average Joe’ like myself.

As well as all the usual promotional opportunities such as:

  • Content and social media marketing
  • Tannoy commentary/promotion at events
  • Product placement and reviews etc

I’m always keen to brainstorm with brands and collaborate on more unusual activities….this has resulted in me taking part in photo shoots, compiling behind the scenes videos, hosting events, being a guinea pig rider for magazine articles, and writing for Horse & Hound.

10676314_585611958231469_4356681329709584410_nChoose the small fish!

Professional riders may have a higher public profile, but as a grass roots equestrian I perfectly represent the largest sales demographic for your business. In 2015 there were an estimated 962,000 female regular riders compared with 348,000 male riders.

The majority of British Eventing members compete at Novice level and below so by sponsoring me you can essentially directly promote your brand, and its products to the people who buy them.

I also believe that sponsorship only works if it is a 2 way street so I always aim to embark on sponsorship opportunities that can work in a mutually beneficial capacity. Read more about my thoughts on how to gain, and make sponsorship work in this article I wrote for Horse & Hound.

So…..go on, why not choose the small fish?…

Thank you