A scoop, is a scoop, is a scoop, right? wrong!

Not when a scoop is a SKUP! Emma from Huf Designs the brains behind this new feed scoop design got in touch to see if I would like to trial the SKUP and review it. To be perfectly honest at first I thought, well…. how much better than an old milk carton cut into a scoop, or the battered old Stubbs round scoop I have can this thing really be??? Putting scepticism to one side, there was only one way to find out so Emma popped my Skup in the post!

Straight away you can feel that this Skup will be able to take a battering, it’s robust and hard-wearing and (as I demonstrated in the kitchen to my boyfriend) in a pinch can also double up as an attractive waterproof hat (he wasn’t convinced)


It has some mean looking teeth opposite the handle end that chomp into compacted feed, breaking it up making it easier to scoop molassed mixes and fibrous chaffs. Three measure markers along the side enable you to dish up appropriately sized rations to those equines who are still carrying a little festive weight! 😉 All in all I would say it’s actually a ‘bally useful piece of kit’ to have!


You might detect a slightly shocked tone to my review and the reason for that is because with something as simple and everyday as a feed scoop it’s hard to imagine that the design can be improved upon. Skup shows that it can, and BETA were also clearly impressed by the design innovation as they awarded it their 2015 Horsecare Equipment & Clothing Award.

Now I’m not saying that buying a Skup will lead to inner peace or that you’ll be able to execute a perfect half pass but it will simply make your life easier, and when it comes to horses who doesn’t want that?!


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