Mountain Horse ‘Sovereign’ long boots will make you feel like royalty!

Alas they will not also provide you with the horsemanship skills of Zara or her mother but whatever your leg position you’re going to look great (even if unexpectedly dismounting aka falling off!) in these gorgeous long boots!

I knew they were something special when they arrived and I excitedly shared some snaps on my Facebook page which then went loopy!

It seems that I’m not the only one who’s been hankering after a pair of brown leather long boots.

Now I can sympathise with Carrie Bradshaw and her Manolo obsession 😉

My love for these boots runs deep, so deep that until the weather improved and the ground dried up a little I refused to take them out of their boot bag and wear them because ‘they might get dirty’. I know, I know, dirt is an inevitable part of horse ownership but whilst they were all new and smelling divine I just couldn’t bring myself to wear them in the bad weather. You’ve heard of ‘fairweather riders’ well I’m taking it to a whole new level 😉

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Finally things have started to feel more spring like and I’ve ridden in them a few times now. From the instant I put them on they felt snug, comfortable, and nice and tall. Looking at the fit you wouldn’t believe that they aren’t a pair of made to measure custom boots. Typically before being sponsored by Mountain Horse I would find long boots….well……bl**dy uncomfortable to be quite honest, and as a result for years I stuck to smart leather gaiters and short boots. The one time I did pluck up the courage (and money) to buy a pair they were sheer agony to break in. They bruised the backs of my knees, cut off the blood supply to my lower legs, fixed my ankles solid and then after months of blisters and waking like a constipated duck they had the gall to soften and drop so much that they looked like leg warmers! Needless to say I sold those on to someone else (with shorter legs) who reaped the benefit of all my hard work (not bitter at all 😉 )

These boots have a range of nifty features that mean the initial ankle breaking, blister inducing phase is eliminated. The elasticated laces at the front mean that the ankle is a really close yet flexible fit giving your ankle a nice slim look. Apparently this nifty detail is called Prolaze Stretch Flexnotch. Try and say that after a few G&Ts! In fact I think they must have got that wrong, I’m pretty sure Lady Prolaze Stretch-Flexnotch hunts with the Tedworth – Bah ha! 😉


The back zip has 3 thin panels of elastic integrated into the leather which again means that the fit is perfect, and there’s no worries about busting the zip. At the top and bottom of the zip there are 2 leather tabs that popper closed. I think the bottom one of these makes the boots look extra smart, it’s not a detail that you see on many long boots these days.The insole is cushioned and breathable too so you won’t get tired, sore or sweaty feet when wearing these beauties.

To ride in they felt great from the moment I put my foot in the stirrup. You can get your leg nicely round the horse and the range of ankle movement is unrestricted yet supportive, so great for dressage or jumping. They look super smart especially when teamed with navy breeches. I think I might even event in them this year as they will go so nicely with my tweed jacket. You’ll be able to spot me in the lorry park, I’ll be the girl with ‘all the gear and no idea!’ 😉

So there you go, that’s my verdict. if you’ve been toying with the idea of buying some brown leather long boots I really don’t think you will be disappointed if you do bite the bullet and go for a pair of these. They come in a wide range of width and height combinations so you should be able to find the perfect fit. Here’s a link to the Mountain Horse footwear size guide for Sovereign boots and here’s a link to more product info and stockist details

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