Show jump schooling, just can’t get enough!

I popped to a local arena and dragged Mummy Groom with me to be chief pole-putter-upper and camera man whilst I schooled D over a little course of jumps.

It was SCORCHING and we were under attack from flying ants by the end of the session, but all in all it was a very productive outing.

I get a bit ‘rabbit in the headlights’ when competing at SJ so I’m trying to get in more independent schooling sessions so that I can build up my experience and learn to think for myself, rather than freeze and kick!

Pretty chuffed with the final round, correct lead after every fence and a nice shot to everything except the first part of the double which D was quick and clever over.

On review of the videos I was also very chuffed with the beginning of a bascule starting to appear. My instructor Amanda Brewer and I have literally pieced D together stage by stage, he’s a ‘man made event horse’ and it’s so satisfying to see how far he’s come. Very chuffed with my mini beast, smiles all round!



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