Enjoying the benefits of aloe vera thanks to new sponsor Aloeride!

winI’ve dabbled with aloe vera products for myself (excellent as an after sun product, I found that out the painful way!) and my horses from time to time, but I’ve never used them consistently as part of my horse’s care or nutrition that is until now…

I recently decided to trial a month’s supply of Aloeride supplement for Dustry because he had come out of the winter looking much leaner than I wanted and despite giving him 3 feeds a day, ad lib hay, and always making sure he wasn’t losing any condition by being appropriately rugged he wasn’t putting condition on as fast as I wanted.


LEFT: Before Aloeride and the day after his first ODE looking too light for my liking!

RIGHT: After a month on Aloeride (on less hard feed) looking fab!

Initially I actually thought that maybe the Aloeride was driving him bonkers! In a rather misleading twist of fate just as I started the course the mares surrounding him all came into season and his hormones got the better of him and his behaviour deteriorated rapidly! Alarmed at this strange turn of events I sent a panicked email to Han van de Braak creator of Aloeride (and collector of qualifications! BSc LicAc MCSP MBAcC AACP chartered physiotherapist, registered acupuncturist and naturopath) and asked him if this could be a symptom. Han reassured me that in fact people report a calm and levelling affect from Aloerde and thankfully a few days later the penny dropped as to the real cause, and the objects of D’s affection were quickly moved out of reach – cue normal behaviour resuming – phew!

Since then he has literally blossomed in front of my eyes. His condition is now just where I want it to be and he’s positively gleaming with health. The Aloeride has improved his health so much that I now only have to feed him half previous quantities as he’s now more able to get the most out of his nutrients which is helping him build more muscle. There have been noticeable behavioural changes also. He is all round much calmer and relaxed in himself and now only gets excited at understandable scenarios eg going in the lorry, jumping etc. I also feel like he’s much more forward going now, his lateral work is also less resistant in the initial first steps of a movement, and his jumping has gone from strength to strength.

imagesI am so pleased with the product and its multitude of health benefits that I’m going to buy some for myself and see how it makes me feel. In typical horsewoman style I’ve spent out on my horse before considering buying  some for myself!

I am very proud to say that I am now a fully fledged Aloeride brand ambassador and I couldn’t be happier to add them to my sponsors because I really believe that the product is ACE and I love working with and promoting products I can really get behind and back 100%.

If you would like to know more about Aloeride and the MULTITUDE of areas it can help with click here. If you do try the product don’t forget to mention where you found out about it, that earns me brownie points 😉 If you are out and about competing in the Wilts/Hants/Berks/Oxon areas keep your eyes peeled for my lorry, it’s small blue and soon to be covered in my sponsors’ stickers if you see me come and say hello! 😉







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