Water tray? no problem!

I booked a half day off work today to take D for some XC schooling, but because the weather has been so bad everywhere was shut! So instead we boxed a few miles down the road to hire a local arena and some show jumps.

All winter I have tried to keep D’s jumping ticking over, but have been pretty limited to popping the odd grid or individual fence, and haven’t jumped a round for 6 months!!! I was SO pleased with how he jumped today, he was relaxed, athletic, listened to me, and generally gave me that great feeling that he was starting to know his job. He’s still fussy in the mouth after the fence, and can plough off for a few strides, but a quick check, release and more leg sorts that.

He was also SUPER BRAVE when faced with a water filled water tray. The video starts with his first attempt at it, how honest is he? Encouragement as always from ‘Mummy Groom’ I think she was suggesting I should keep my leg on 😉 Funny thing is I never hear any ‘noises off’ when I’m jumping, my focus seems to make me go deaf, I only get to hear it later on the video!

I’m very chuffed with how well he’s come out of the winter this year, for once it doesn’t feel like the dark days and bad weather has set us back – Hurrah!

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