Show jump schooling with Amanda Brewer at Rectory Farm

Yesterday myself and two of my instructor’s other clients Mel and Briony hired Rectory Farm Arena for some show jump schooling. Rectory is a fab arena, and there is always a brilliantly bright and spooky course laid out. After warming up, we set out to jump the course from scratch. I need to work on getting D’s canter forwards and up into the bridle and collecting him after the fence in preparation for the next jump.rectory farm show jump schooling

The course included a double, triple, and water tray and by the end of the session we were flying round. Amanda is such a great instructor, she knows exactly what we need to do, and she really makes me pull my socks up and ride to the best of my ability. Dustry has improved so much over the winter, being able to take him to an indoor to pop the odd fence during the dark months has really paid off, because he came out raring to go, not rusty and needing reminding.

So for homework I need to work on being stricter on myself with my riding, and concentrate on making things happen, rather than letting things happen.

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