How safe is Eventing?…

There is always lots of discussion about the safety risks that surround equestrianism, most insurance companies class riding as a ‘high risk sport’ in the same bracket as activities like bull running, free climbing, surfing, and rugby!

Rotational falls, and high profile accidents inevitably receive a lot of media coverage and this coverage although at times hard to watch does do a great job of raising awareness.

Riders such as Claire Lomas have become hugely influential figures in the world of rider safety and rehabilitation, and innovative new products such as air jackets have hit the market in recent years as rider’s concern and interest in the safety of their sport has grown.

With this in mind I had a dig around online to see if I could find some solid data detailing the safety risks associated with eventing. British Eventing released a safety report in 2011 (and are working on the latest version as we speak) and below is my info-graphic detailing their findings…

It was an eye opener to me, how about you?…


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