Essential first aid kit for horses and riders! – Sudocrem

sudocremIt struck me the other day as I reached for my trusty tub of Sudocrem that I have been using this stuff for years and it was long overdue a plug on the blog, seeing as it is such a super handy product to have around.

Dustry managed to graze a large patch of hair off his leg the other day and the bare skin looked very sore and red. After washing off with warm water and Hibiscrub (another fab first aid product to have in your care kit!) I dried it and smothered the bald area in Sudocrem. Less than 48 hrs later his wound looked like this!

              graze        20140211_184318_resized

Sudoocrem is a great antiseptic cream, and also contains a mild anaesthetic to help soothe pain. I’ve used it in the past to heal or prevent mud fever, sun burn, and small flesh wounds, Because it’s such a thick, clingy, waterproof cream it’s a great barrier cream too, better imho than Vaseline which wipes off much easier.  It contains ‘the magic ingredient’ Benzyl Benzoate, now you know the name, check the ingredients in various horse products (especially those for sweet itch), and you will see it everywhere.

20140211_184532_resizedThe down side is that it sticks like mad, and don’t even attempt to wash it off your hands once having applied it, grab some cloth and wipe off as much as possible – speaks the voice of experience who spent ages wringing my hands under a hot tap just for the cream to spread and spread and for me end up looking like a white gloved Parisian mime!

Sudocrem is not marketed for horses, it is in fact a nappy rash cream, but its applications are numerous including the treatment of cuts, grazes, minor burns, sun burn, eczema, acne, sores, and chilblains.

I even have a pot at home that I use myself (didn’t fancy sharing with Dustry, his pot has a few hairs and bits of hay in it!) So there we are, that’s my homage to Sudocrem, grab a pot it’s handy stuff!


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