Nocturnal paparazzi!!! – Equestrian photoshoot

So there I was schooling away in the dark tonight, when I hear *click click click* uh oh! it’s the nocturnal paparazzi, they’ve found us! No doubt tomorrow we will be all over the ‘column of shame’ in the Daily Mail for our frankly feeble Monday night flatwork efforts. I’l be forced to go on some sort of body transformation boot camp, and lose 2/3rds of my body mass and Dustry will be exposed as a love rat, stringing along two mares who just happen to be in adjacent fields!

But thankfully out of the gloom came Katie Mortimore our resident photographer and both Dustry and I breathed a heavy sigh of relief 😉

Katie is playing with some new techniques and took these impromptu shots then tweaked these photos below to great dramatic effect. This is my favourite one, it captures his cheeky little face perfectly.



1604662_577017939044723_881863350_n 560069_577017952378055_7825927_n





Excuse the muddy mane I would have cleaned him up from top to toe if I had known we were going to get snapped, and as for my stern looking expression, sadly that’s my concentration face and there’s nothing I can do about it :(

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