My aims for the next 6 months…

I feel like it’s time for a plan. So here it is!

competition plan what-success-looks-like

These are my 5 aims for Dustry and myself over the next 6(ish) months…

1/ Break that illusive 70% score barrier in an affiliated BD Prelim test
(68.6% our best score to date! argh so close!)

2/ Begin work on medium paces, improve transitions and accuracy so that we can attempt our first Novice level dressage test
(either affiliated or unaffiliated, not fussy for the first few)

3/ Get Dustry confident and competent in his job when show jumping around 90cms – 1m
(build on his training so far with more frequent jumping sessions, because I am rusty and he is green!)

4/ Make our BS debut at British Novice by the end of 6 months, aiming for double clears not speed!
(eeeke unknown territory as I’ve never competed at BS!)

5/ Add to his limited xc schooling education once the show jumping is solid with drops/steps, combinations, skinnies, ditches etc
(the fun bit!)

All of these aims I hope will help set us up nicely to (finally! )embark on his eventing career in 2014. I have written them roughly in order of how I feel they will be achieved, as always saving the best till last, what a great incentive to get numbers 1-4 ticked off 😉

So those are my aims, writing them down is the easy bit, achieving them?….well we’ll just have to wait and see how that pans out…..

What are your short/long terms aims with your horse? pony? yak? camel? donkey?


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