MacWet – A handy new sponsor to have!

I am very excited to announce that I have a new sponsor – MacWet! 

MacWet have very kindly agreed to sponsor me with some of their gloves, which is well….PRETTY MEGA!

I love their gloves and have been wearing them for years. I have several old pairs which have died through over use, but I still hold onto them so that I can cut the (now open ended!) fingers off and use them as fingerless gloves in the summer! Cunning huh?…

20130925_123439 20130925_123507

I now have 3x lovely new pairs of their short cuff styles, some in their ‘micromesh’ fabric which helps keep your hands cool and dry in hot humid weather, and some in their ‘climatech’ fabric which is wind-proof, water resistant, and fleece lined to keep your hands warm in colder weather (these will be getting a lot of use this winter!)

20130925_125428 20130925_130927

MacWet pride themselves on their ‘grippability’ (is that a word?) and I can vouch for that. Even in the wettest of conditions, trying to hold on to sweat covered rubber reins, and a keen horse I have never lost grip with them. When I was younger I remember spotting a pair of random gloves in a tack shop, they were very odd looking and silky feeling and my magpie tendencies drew me to them. One disastrous round cross country later where I had VERY little control and they went straight in the bin! You just can’t afford not to be in control of half a ton of horse heading at a solid obstacle in my opinion!

So BIG thanks to MacWet for their support, you have made my hands very happy!

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