Bleary-eyed blogger looking to meet horse who is a ‘morning person’

getting up early to muck outSummer seemed to be over in a flash and as of last Sunday night Dustry is now back in and stabled at night which can only mean one thing for me, early starts until the winter is over! Big waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I am not a fan of early mornings, in particular the initial getting out of bed bit!. Once I am up and awake I am then though unbearably smug and self satisfied at this gargantuan achievement of mine, so it’s best that there aren’t too many people up and about at that hour, as I feel my chirpy mood might ‘get on their wick’!

One creature who does seem pleased to see me emerging through the dark and turning on the arena lights is Dustry. He has taken really well to being worked first thing before he gets turned out with his breakfast so I can only assume that he was ‘a morning person’ all along, who knew?…

Schooling at that time of day is actually very peaceful, the dawn chorus is just starting to tune up, and everything is calm and still for about 20minutes, before daylight begins to light up the countryside.

So let’s see how long this new found love of early morning matters can last, I have a feeling that the winter weather may make the arena look a lot less appealing, than an extra 30mins under the protective cover of the duvet!

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