Under Starter’s orders!

Living in the heart of ‘racing country’ it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the hype that surrounds big racing fixtures such as Cheltenham festival, and I’m not adverse to the odd flutter on Paddy Power myself when I’ve been given a ‘hot tip’! Although if left to my own devices picking a race horse because it looks like it could be re-schooled into a nice eventer is not always the best method when it comes to choosing winners 😉

I do think that racing in general gets a pretty bad press, and the physical and mental condition that many horses when they leave racing does nothing to counter act this opinion. Although I have seen the negative side of the racing industry first hand I have also seen the love, care and years of knowledge put into producing a well rounded youngster by a true horseman.

My instructor is one half of husband and wife team Total Training Equine and her husband Dave deals with backing, breaking, and pre-training of all their racing young-stock clients. Dave is a real horseman, and all the horses really love him. He has a very quiet calm way with everything he rides even when they are being naughty or trying their best to ditch their jockey Dave remains cool and collected and most importantly in the saddle!

Testament to Dave and Amanda’s good training and preparation for young race-horses is ‘Frosty Berry’. ‘Berry’ as she was known on the yard went through pre-training with Amanda and Dave and then began her career with trainer Marco Botti last year. Berry began her career in fine style by winning and coming 2nd in her first 2x races, fab results and a testament to her great start in life.

Here’s to a fun filled Cheltenham Festival  (12th-15th March)


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