Theft, & Thanks

Well the last few days have been eventful to say the least, some good, some bad.

Last Friday I booked the day off work to have Dustry’s new dressage saddle fitted and the fit of his GP checked. I absolutely love my GFS XCH jump saddle so when I said I would love to get him a dressage saddle my saddler told me to keep an eye out for the GFS ‘Eva’ dressage model. A few weeks ago whilst scouring the web I spotted one  for sale on the BD website and less than a day later it was couriered over to me! Dustry has grown so much and matured, and I am continuing with my ‘feeding offensive’ but even I was surprised to discover that he needed to go from a MW to a Wide plate in his GP, and an Extra Wide in his new dressage saddle!

Even more shocking still was how much power now comes through from behind when he’s working. I feel atm like I am flapping about in the dressage saddle like a rag doll, but eyes on the ground assure me it doesn’t look as alien as it currently feels to be riding so long in the leather! So with his new dressage saddle on board off we went for our lesson, and after 45mins under instruction I felt much more at home in the plate. What I didn’t feel at home doing was pulling my leathers up 3 holes and jumping some cross poles, but I am very happy to report that D jumped his best yet, so serious jumping education is a go go!

So that was some of the good and here’s the bad…..At some point late Thursday evening/early Friday morning some thieves broke into the yard and ransacked the place, stealing saddle bridles rugs and clippers. Thankfully I always keep my tack at home, but less fortunately I had a pile of freshly laundered, repaired, and re-proofed turnout rugs stacked up and they swiped the lot! Almost £600 worth of rugs, gone! Amongst that pile was my lovely Konabo rug given to me as sponsorship 🙁 I was gutted as I have spent years building up my ‘rug collection’ making sure I had ‘a wear’ and ‘a spare’ of almost every weight and type. The happy ending to this tale is that the lovely Kate from Konabo has offered to send me out a replacement rug so Dustry will not go cold this winter and as soon as it arrived I can clip him out (I’m sure he won’t be too happy about that bit!) Huge thanks to Konabo for their kindness and if you are looking for a deluxe winter turn out rug then check out their range, they are a cut above your average rug!


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