Supple rider = supple horse?…

Although it seems like Dustry gets all the perks around here with massages, pedicures, and frequent wardrobe updates, occasionally I get to spend some time getting pampered myself!

My shoulders especially my right one (desk job related stiffness!) get very tight and stiff, and I’m sure this is not helping my desire to ride 100% straight and balanced, so I booked myself in for a massage with Sarah Curtis who is an ITEC qualified equine & human massage therapist.

Sarah has a wealth of equine experience having studied equine science at Sparsholt she went on to work for Andrew Nicholson for a number of years, and most recently she has been an invaluable member of Lucinda Green’s yard. After qualifying as a human therapist at Cirencester Sarah then went on to get her Equine accreditation, training and qualifying under the instruction of Mary Bromiley. Alongside all this Sarah is a keen horsewoman and has evented up to BE Intermediate. With over 5 years massage experience across humans and horses she enjoys nothing more than treating horse and rider combinations from all disciplines.

After a slightly crunchy but on the whole very enjoyable massage I now feel much more free and even across my shoulders, and I’m looking forward to seeing if I can feel the difference when I’m back in the saddle!

It is a weird paradox that as riders we spend so much time checking all the factors that can affect our horses’ performance such as saddle, teeth, shoes, diet, back, tack etc in order to improve it but so often over the look the most obvious influence in the way our horses go….US!

If you or your horse could benefit from a massage then please check out (and don’t forget to ‘like’ 😉 ) Sarah’s facebook page, she offers a loyalty scheme and multiple horse discounts.

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