From stiff to supple via saddler and shiatsu

In preparation for the Area Festivals on Sunday 26th August my mega instructor Amanda Brewer recommended that I book Dustry an appointment with Becky Dean. Becky is an equine Shiatsu practitioner and has a very enviable client list comprising top level racing, showing, eventing, and hunting yards. I am always a little sceptical about things like this because I am aware there are a lot of quacks out there selling ‘snake oil’ but given that Amanda uses and recommended her I knew she must be good!

What I didn’t realise was how good she was until I schooled Dustry last night! He has never felt so soft and supple through his neck and back, and it was very noticeable to feel the difference when riding him. He seems now to be able to arch and bend his neck vertically and laterally with much more ease, and evenly (used to be slightly stiff to the right)

He really enjoyed his treatment and now I know why, he must feel so free and swinging. Becky emails on a report for each client’s horse and this was her report on Dustry…

Dustry- ex-racehorse
Release poll off side/ neck into withers junction/ neck off side tighter/ release throat /pecks – nice and much more supple after/ release fore legs holding/ withers tender off side deep- massage + scenar / holding lumbar off side/ release both gluteal and below stifles.. Stretch all round.

She found a spot on his off side behind the withers that she said is a fairly common site of tension with racehorses, and worked to release it. This seems to have had a really positive impact on his right canter transition which previously was not as soft and through as his left.

In addition to this I thought it made sense to get his saddle checked too, and am happy to report that Julia Duffin my lovely saddler said it is all ‘fine and dandy’ so nothing to worry about there.

Last but not least if I have any sheckles left after all this I may also book myself in for a session with Becky….

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