Back on board, and back on track!

So Dustry seems to have recovered from his illness enough to begin working again, but to be on the safe side he is getting more days off than usual during a week just to make sure he doesn’t get too pooped by being worked again (judging from the divots I found all across his field the other day he has plenty of energy!)


Today I took him for a lesson to help get us back on track and re-focused. We planned to have a fairly short lesson to make sure he wasn’t overworked, and spent the time running through a prelim test. With homework under our belts we boxed back up, and set off home with instructions to ‘enter a couple of prelims in the next few weeks’ So I am now on the hunt for a suitable competition in the near future….


Pics are courtesy of the mother-ship who was trusted with my SLR and did a pretty good job too! 🙂

Oh and in other news GHE now has its own FACEBOOK page which you can find if you click here

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