‘Super-size’ Dustry

When I bought Dustry he was malnourished and lacking muscle mass, over the last few years he’s really filled out and put on condition but…..I just want him BIGGER! In particular I want this year to make a considerable improvement to his naturally long and slim neck, and additional top line elsewhere is always welcome on such a slinky tb. So on a mission to ‘super-size’ my pony I asked around about conditioning but non heating feed sutible for such a task, and the name that seemed to pop up over and over again was Equi-Jewel from Saracen Horse Feeds so….I bought a bag!

Equi-Jewel is supposed to be fed initially at 500 grams a day, and so I used my fool proof  ‘get an old mug and hope it roughly measures 500 grams’ technique (this will turn out to be not quite as fool proof as I had originally thought!). Last week whilst clicking around on facebook I came across a post about Saracen’s new ‘feeding your ex-racehorse’ page and on it they offer to send our specific measuring scoops for the feed I had just bought, bingo! Today the scoop arrived and I measured it against the mug I had previously been using. It seems my guess work isn’t too hot as I had actually only been feeding approx 250 grams of feed not the recommended inital 500 grams, durrr!

Also thanks to my ever supportive sponsor Trotters Tack Shop I now have on order a couple of bags of Saracen’s ‘Show Improver Pencils’ which I will be replacing my previous conditioning cubes with….so we will see if they work better than the previous brand that I have used for the past few years…

Armed with some accurate measuring devices, and some very helpful feeding advice from the lovely Clare at Saracen I can now being my ‘feeding offensive’

Watch this space for a super-sized Dustry coming to a warm up near you!

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