R&R stands for ‘ruining things and rampaging’!

After Dustry’s dental work he needed a few days off for his gums to heal and any swelling to disperse. 4-5 days R&R were prescribed so he was in for an easy time over xmas. Dustry however had other plans! He is a total workaholic and if you give him more than a few days off he seems to have a talent for getting into trouble. On Dec 23rd after just 2 days off he managed to knock his whole door (including weave grill) off its hinges! He must have done this in the early evening, and then once loose on the yard proceeded straight to the internal block to pester the horses in there all night and steal their haynets! For 3 days over xmas he had to camp out in one of these empty internal boxes until the shops were open again for me to go and buy super big bolts to fix his door! Whilst in his ‘holiday home’ the mischief continued as he managed to bite one neighbour and rip another’s stable rug – Naughty Dustry!

Finally back in his own box, time off was over and now back in work he feels better than ever. He just loves to work, and I swear when I tacked him up again after his mini break there was a little smile on his face! We are off for a lesson tomorrow, and hoping that now *fingers crossed* all his dental issues have been resolved we can really crack on with his jumping education and get out and about competing, with our new year’s aim being to be competing at BE by the end of this season.

Good luck to everyone with your horsey new year plans, here’s to a MEGA 2012! *raises a glass* *hic*

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