A new sponsor – Hello Konabo!

I’m very excited and pleased to report that GHE has an additional sponsor for 2012, the lovely rug brand Konabo. Kate from Konabo has very generously provided me (well Dustry) with a Konabo Total PRO turnout rug. The unique feature of Konabo rugs is that they have an internal liner which you can zip in and out in order to wash. This means that you can keep the inside of the rug which is in contact with the horse’s coat clean without having to send the whole rug away to be professionally cleaned. This is a genius idea!

The clever design features don’t stop there though and putting the rug on Dustry it became apparent to me that a lot of thought and equestrian insight has gone into the design of Konabo rugs. The front chest clips are HUGE, really heavy duty, horse proof clips which is ideal if you own a serial rug wrecker like me!

 The clips also niftily open towards you so that at no point whilst wearing the rug can the horse push the clips by accident and undo them (this is the case for ALL my other rugs except T-bar fastening ones) These clever clips are also on the back leg cross straps. The belly surcingles also have a built in elastic back up strap attachment to allow for stretch and movement.

I often have issues with how rugs fit round the neck on Dustry as he has a bit of a long slim neck (topline as always is a work in progress) but this rug comes up nice and high round the shoulders and doesn’t gape or slip back at the neck.

If you get a chance to look at a Konabo rug first hand I think it will be clear to you too then that they really are a cut above lots of other mainstream brands on the market today. Dustry is very lucky!

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