Dental maintenance is essential

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have your horse’s teeth regularly checked. As a rule I have my horses’ teeth checked and treated every 6 months (every 12 months when they are older/retired) On Dustry’s first dentist check they discovered that he had bone spurs on his upper jaw, these were removed and once the gums were healed he was brought back into work. He had another 6 month check today and sadly it seems either the initial bone spurs were holding back wolf teeth which are now trying to come down, or there were more bones spurs behind the initial ones. So off to the dentist again asap to get his toothy pegs top notch.

On the bright side the weather is awful atm so the perfect time to give him a few weeks off to recover, and I’m sure he will be more comfortable after the treatment, although there has been no sign of any discomfort from him but I’m sure he will be happier, and I definitely will be knowing his teeth are perfect. If like me the inside of a horse’s mouth is a bit of a mystery to you I have added in this diagram.

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