Mountain Horse – thank you, thank you, thank you!

There is nothing that makes me more excited than to return home to find a big cardboard box with the words ‘mountain horse’ written on it! Mountain Horse have been my faithful sponsors now since 2009 and as well as sending me bits and bobs throughout the year every winter they send me a big ‘winter survival kit’ a box stuffed FULL of MH goodies to keep me warm, dry, and super stylish all winter.

This year with Soap having to be PTS, and Dustry being brought on carefully and slowly I have felt a little guilty, because due to circumstances I don’t feel I have provided very good ‘value’ for my sponsors due to my lack of competing. It’s so nice to know that even through the lean times when maybe you aren’t at your most high profile or successful your sponsors will still stick by you. This combined with Dustry’s recent advance in standard has given me a big boost, and I’m really looking forward to getting back out there on the competition circuit again!

I can’t wait to don all my new coats, breeches, hats, and gloves they all look and feel lovely.  As I type I’m snuggled up in my PJ’s and a big comfy MH jumper! Thank you Mountain Horse you are the tops!

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