Fat neck, bouncy neck

In order to try and ‘correct’ Dustry’s thoroughbred conformation (thin neck, natural tendency to try and balance by hollowing his neck) I have to always keep in mind when working him ‘fat neck, bouncy neck’ when I look down, between my reins I need to be able to see a big fat bouncy muscle pumping in his neck, over time this will grow and grow until he has much more top line than at present. Today in my lesson after a week of working really hard in the dark evenings after work to get ‘fat neck, bouncy neck’ there was a marked improvement in his performance. My instructor Amanda Brewer is returning to her home coluntry of Australia for a Christmas break so until the new year ‘fat neck, bouncy neck’ is my mantra to follow, I’m hoping that when she gets back she will notice a difference in his shape….the challenge is on!

My recent Mountain Horse delivery arrived just in time as it seems the temperature has really dropped in the past few days. I was snug as a red bug on a brown horse today in my new red breeches, and red gilet, which looked very festive!

Other home work we have to work on is trot poles, and canter poles on a circle. Dustry gets very hyped about poles/jumps and so I plan to try and do a bit of pole work in every session because I think once it becomes familiar it won’t be quite as exciting! He seems to be finding life very exciting all round atm as when I go to catch him he seems to feel it’s necessary to do several laps of his field in gallop, culminating in a very dramatic sliding stop or theatrical rear at my feet, and then proffering his head towards the head collar, and leading in like a lamb…..he’s gone a little mad…I think maybe he’s overexcited about xmas! 😉

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