Soap’s R&R

Soap has now been enjoying his R&R for several weeks whilst wearing his fancy new shock absorber rubber pads. These pads will last about 2 years and are designed to help reduce concussion which should make him more comfortable. He is much happier on his affected near fore now, sound in walk, but still a little ‘footy’ in trot on the hard ground.

Next week he is going to have his first treatment of Tildren into the off fore to help medicate the bony changes to the outside of that foot. I am hoping that once this starts to take affect he can begin to be slowly brought back into work, and we can see as time goes by what sort of work program he can now comfortably take part in.

In the mean time he has been taking advantage of having a new ‘on the subs bench’ buddy to groom with. Rex my old eventer who was retired several years ago has been keeping him company. Rex was a total XC machine when he was younger so as a tribute to him, and to prove that under that now shaggy, scruffy, pot-bellied exterior lies the heart of a lion here are a few pics of him in his hay day…

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