Left hand, left hand, left hand!

Last Thursday I booked the day off work to take Dustry for a lesson. All week the weather had been lovely until Thursday when it started raining and blowing a gale, typical! When we arrived the wind was whipping up nicely and I could hardly hear my instructor Amanda Brewer so I used her ear piece system, and it worked really well. I’ve never used one before but it was great.

Dustry is coming along really well but I still have to iron out some old habits namely my weird left hand! I don’t know why but my left hand seems to have a mind of its own and wanders off! I’m trying really hard to keep my hands as a pair and bring them back closer to my body, and when I can get this sorted he goes much more consistently. Now he is stronger I am working on bringing his neck position a little higher, and really getting him active and working from behind. His canter work is really helping improve his trot work too, and I feel like I could just sit there and canter him for hours, he has such a lovely rocking horse paces.

Next time I will try to get some footage of the canter, but for now here’s a short video of some early trot work from the lesson.

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