‘Ambassador with this Protexin discount code you’re really spoiling us’

My long time sponsors Protexin Equine Premium have introduced an ambassador scheme, and have asked a select group of riders, owners, amateurs, and pros who use their products to be ambassadors. In short this means that I can help spread the word about Protexin and their products, which is a great way for me to be able to do something for my sponsor in return. One of the other benefits of being an ambassador is being able to use the following discount code to get 10% off all Protexin equine products ordered online!

Enter Code : ZAMM0001 at the checkout

for 10% Off Protexin Equine products.

If you already use Protexin products or think that your horse could benefit from a probiotic introduced into his diet then feel free to use this code too! The code can be used as many times as you like so if you regularly order online, you can regularly get 10% off! There’s no expiry date, and no exclusions, but sadly I can’t offer you a pyramid platter of Ferrero Rocher to accompany my new role because they got eaten! 🙂

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