Time for a cross country fix!

Since we couldn’t go xc at BCA I decided to take Soap to Larkhill for a hunter trial so that we could get the xc fix we had missed out on. I know that Larkhill is like the outer Hebrides even on a sunny day so I took along one of the new jackets my sponsor Mountain Horse had recently sent me (more blogs on my new MH goodies soon!) and wore that to hack over to the start box which is quite an exposed windy walk from the lorry park, bbbbrrrrrrrrrr!

Soap was clearly VERY keen to be going xc again, he was very strong in the warm-up, and whilst he usually walks nicely through the start box he found it all too much and started napping with excitement, naughty boy! Once he had finished his hissy fit we went in and shot out the start box towards the first fence. It was a case of ‘horse wrestling’ for the first half of the course because we were still having discussions about who was going to decide the pace, I eventually won!

By fence 9 he had started to settle and jumped the step up to roll top brush really nicely, and was straight as an arrow over the open corner. He ate up the water, boldly leaping in and out nicely over the narrow brush. We came home clear but our uneven pace over the first half of the course had cost us a few time penalties, and I think a place so we didn’t bother hanging about in the cold for results and quickly packed up and set off home.

Soap is such a star xc, and it was a real blast for us to be out doing what we love again, so both him and me are feeling very happy now 🙂

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