Exciting parcel from the postie!

Soap’s 1st at Newbury Show the other weekend won us a ROR jacket, and today it arrived. Unfortunately when I opened it there was a little note inside saying they had run out of jackets so had sent me a gilet instead, and they had also run out of smalls so all they could offer was a medium….nawwww. I tried it on for size and if I’m 100% honest with myself I think Soap and I could easily fit in it! It’s a shame as it would have made a lovely addition to all my other green goodies, but it’s not to be. I will however be donating it to ‘Chief GHE Groom Mummy’ who has been hinting heavily about wanting some ‘matchy matchy’ clobber to keep up her end of the colour coordination when we are out and about so it’s going to a good home!

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