Snap happy at Barbury Castle

I have to say I feel very lucky to live so close to such a brilliant event like Barbury. When I was younger competing my old tbx and thinking about affiliating (back when it was BHTA not BE!)  it was competitions such as Penton, Savernake, and Tidworth that made me want to event. I used to plead with my mother to let me have a day off school to go and see the top riders of their day go round these events, and I felt inspired by them and the fact that this kind of top class competition venue was right on my door step. Sadly those venues all packed up as I started to event (coincidence?) so it was music to my ears a few years back when Barbury came on the scene and again I could hop in the car and be within 15 mins drive of some spectacular action.

A friend very kindly lent me her mega camera so that I could take some snaps and below is a small gallery of my favourites. If you would like to use any of these pics then please feel free to copy them, and I can email on the larger original files all foc if you want those, all I ask is if possible you credit me ( as the photographer. I also got pics of the following numbers so if that’s your number and you would like your shots email me and I’ll forward them on. No – 489  541  603  654  692  628  684  638  640  685  625  626  686  688

Thankies and enjoy! 🙂

'Elevated Paces' for poor Dag Albert

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