Back in the saddle, yipeee!

So after 16 days ‘off games’ Soap can be ridden again. His stitches came out today and the wound is looking really good, it has healed nice and neatly and hopefully shouldn’t leave too much of a scar. Whilst he couldn’t be ridden I spent my time running, tidying, cleaning, and cycling and it’s a real relief to have my horse back because I’m exhausted! Thankfully the cut was in a fairly convenient location and doesn’t come into contact with the bridle, although I will be leaving his flash off for a week or so just in case. So it looks like ‘Soaperella’ shall go to the ball after all as Ascott-Under-Wychwood are running another BE90 ROR section in July and I plan to enter that as our next event. Jack has also recovered well from his leg injury and his staples were removed today as well. There’s not much to report back on the Jack front at the mo as he’s sort of on stand by until Dustry is sold. He’s not going anywhere and owes us nothing so if it’s another few months before I can bring him back into regular work it not a problem, and I sense that he’s ok with that!

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