Jack’s 15 minutes of fame!

I was contacted a little while back by a reporter for HORSE Magazine to see if I would take part in an article they were doing on horses who had come back into work after breaking a leg. I agreed to do it and after the phone interview a freelance photographer turned up to take some accompanying shots. Jack thought he would make himself look nice for the pictures by getting absolutely covered in mud from top to toe! When the photographer arrived he was still drying off, but thankfully there was a bit of a breeze and he soon fluffed back up. We took some ridden shots, some standing, some pointing at where the injury was on his leg, and some walking out in the field.

It was really fun to do and a great insight into the making of an article, who knew it would be so hard to coordinate a horse with its ears pricked, and a rider who isn’t blinking in the same shot!? The article came out this month and here are the professional shots in print! If you want to read the full article pick up a copy asap!

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