Team GHE update – Soap, Jack & Dustry

I have been trying to plan out my season this year and to kick off I have entered Soap for Moreton BE90/Intro on the 7th of March so we are gearing up for that, and I can’t wait to be out competing again! He had studs holes put in today because next weekend we have a XC clinic at Boomerang with Robert Stevens. I’m really looking forward to doing some XC again and meeting up with Rob to see how his winter has been. Jack has been making slow but steady progress so last weekend I booked to take him and Soap for a lesson, but sadly when we arrived he was lame! The vet and farrier have both looked him over and came to the conclusion that the recent hard ground has made him sore, either inflaming his feet or aggrivating corns (which aren’t visible) but might be there as a side affect of the long period he spent on box rest. This was a bit of a blow because we were starting to have fun, and get somewhere. My farrier came out and as recommended fitted him with gel pads on the front, and he was instantly 100% sound and bouncing around the field! The upside to this is that I now know that he just cannot deal with hard going so will keep that in mind when faced with frosty mornings, and hard dry going. He is now wearing the horsey equivalent of Nike Airs so the next time I ride him could be very pingy!

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