Uh oh, double trouble!

Last night I was looking back through some old photos from my polo days and it reminded me about how I used to ride and lead the polo ponies. One day whilst exercising a string I ended up riding one pony and leading two more on each side! 5 ponies may sound like a handful, but they were so used to being worked like this that they were very well behaved, and it was great fun to take them out and canter round the pitches. So……..(can you see where this is going?) today I hacked out Soap and took Jack as a tag along. After a few initial teething problems where Jack wanted to tuck in behind, and when I lent back to pull on his rope Soap sped up we had it cracked. We hacked around the farm in walk as the ground was still frozen, but they were both very well behaved so hopefully we can progress to trotting, and I can use this method to exercise them both when time is tight.

It’s good fun riding and leading and as we walked towards home across the hill, with the sun starting to go down, and a cool winter breeze blowing I thought to myself……’It might be quite nice to be a cowboy!’…

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