Winter warmers from my sponsor Mountain Horse

Christmas has come early in the GHE household because I have just received a parcel from my sponsor Mountain Horse full of fantastic winter clothes to keep me warm and dry in the coming months. I am testing out the goodies one by one starting with a base layer set – thermal long johns cut to be worn under full seat breeches, and a thermal top. I wear these under tracky bums and a hoody in the mornings when I get up early to muck out before work, and they keep me toasty warm. Yesterday I put on the Arctica breeches, Angela fleece, and Ranger chaps to do some gridwork with Soap, he was a very good boy, keen and enthusiastic to be back jumping after his little holiday. The breeches are waterproof and thermal and have a nice thick waist band which makes them very comfortable, and the fleece looks very smart with them. I am a total Mountain Horse ‘super fan’ when it comes to footwear I love the long boots, and brown short boots they sent me earlier in the year and the Ranger chaps to go with the short boots are fab. Like the long boots they have a strip of elastic next to the zip so they fit snugly, and the profiile is cut high so they never look too short. When the weather gets really bad (fingers crossed no snow like last year, otherwise I think I might hibernate!) I also have a pair of padded full chaps, andsome fleece gloves, so come on winter do your worst!

If you are a ‘winter woose’ like me then I really recommend investing in some Mountain Horse products, the company is Swedish so they really know how to make great fitting warm gear for ‘proper weather’. Click here to see more Mountain Horse products.

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