Fair weather rider?…moi?…

In a bid to ride in the daylight and not get drenched, frozen or blown clean out of the saddle by gale force winds my friend and I decided it was time to hire a local indoor arena for an hour of uninterrupted schooling. We both felt very smug as we entered the indoor and the heavens opened, and 1 hour later still dry and having had a productive session we agreed it was an ingenious plan of ours, so we booked in for another session! Soap did some lovely flatwork he’s really got the hang of working more over his back now, and to finish as a reward I popped him over a few fences which he did very nicely, leaving them all standing, which always makes me smile! Whilst my friend finished riding I ‘parked’ Soap in the middle of the arena, tidied away the fences and picked up droppings. He stood like a rock doing a very good impression of one of those life size plastic display model horses you see in tack shops! See if you can spot the difference!

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