Milton Keynes 3 day footage

A rather exciting DVD shaped jiffy bag arrived in the post the other day, and in it was my Total Recall video from MK3DE! On the DVD is our steeplechase where I give Karen Donkers a run for her money in the ‘vocal encouragement’ stakes. Listen out for my embarrasing outbursts! The XC which after the steeplechase looks positively sedate, and our almost clear SJing round complete with massive rider gaff at the last double!

Steeplechase – 2 laps, 6 fences in 1 min 58 secs – Optimum Time 2mins

XC – 27 jumping efforts @ a speed of 450mpm

SJ – 10 fences (we wish there had only been 9!)

From the video I can see that I totally overcompensated at fence 10 as a result of pushing him on more for fence 9. I shut down the canter and almost killed it completely but he really did do his best to make it through, and fiddle 2 strides in, what an honest little horse. Position wise I think I need to become better at releasing my hands over the fence (a more evident fault in the SJing) as I am riding a little defensively in an attempt to remain upright with my body and not move forwards which urges him faster and flatter into the fence, so there’s something to work on over the winter. Apart from that I am pretty pleased with how we look, and overjoyed at what a little pro Soap is turning into. Here are a few stills from the video

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