SJ schooling @ Hoplands & a lesson learnt

So after 2 false starts due to missing shoes and pulled bottom muscles (the horse not me!) we finally made it to Hoplands for some sj schooling and not a minute too soon as the previous day I had stupidly over-bitted Soap in an attempt to gain some control and as a result ruined his confidence to go forward into the contact. I feel awful for denting his confidence as he is so honest and willing, but I guess on the up side we overcame the issue whilst schooling today and this lesson now learnt will NEVER be repeated. So after a little bit of a dodgy start where we both felt insecure and at odds with each other we managed to get our act together to do some great schooling. The weather was ‘summer drizzle’ but my intrepid mother managed to get some great footage despite the conditions – thank you!

If you want to know more about Hoplands you can join their Facebook group, everyone who joins before the end of August goes into a draw to win a free schooling session! – click here for the Hoplands facebook group

We have our 2nd lesson with Robert Stevens this Tuesday so hopefully this will help to consolidate the good work we did today in time for our BE PreNovice debut next weekend!

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