Some time out for Soap, but hopefully not long…

Unfortunately when I brought Soap back into work after Mattingley he seemed a bit unlevel. I had the physio check him over, and she agreed that he was a little out behind. Soon after the physio he was shod and suffered a bit of nail bind on his off fore! I have been icing his foot for the nail bind and putting him in a magnetic rug to help with his muscles post physio, but then his leg blew up! So completely baffled at what the problem was I called the vet. After flexion tests, lunging, trotting him up, testing the leg and foot for pain he finally came to a decision. It seems that sometime during his week off after Mattingley Soap slipped/fell over in the field and pulled a muscle in his off hind 1/4s. This explains why he was out behind, and being so naughty to ride as it was probubly sore to work properly on, and then working him on the Pessoa just made it worse! He didn’t find anything on the leg that has swollen up, and put it down to a knock, so I am cold hosing that.
Sadly we have withdrawn from BCA BE90 this weekend and have to hack out in walk for 2 weeks to ease off the muscle, and then slowly start to bring trot, canter, and jumping back into his routine. This is a shame as it means we will miss most of the June, and early July events, but fingers crossed he recovers well and we can be back on track for August. My vet didn’t seem to think it was anything major and as he is fit he should bounce back fast. He is due to come out and do Soap’s flu and tet in 3 weeks so he will check him over again then.
It’s lucky I have a spare! so watch this space for Jack updates as he will be getting out and about more whist Soap is recovering.

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