Hacking in walk, well…..trying to!

Hacking Soap out in walk to aid the recovery of his strained muscle is very dull so to kill two birds with one stone I invited my friend Shelly to hack out with me so that I could get both horses exercised, and have a bit of a catch up with her! Soap was feeling very michevious and as we were leaving the yard he decided that the little pony coming the other way was just too scary, and so he shot off back down the road bucking!!!! You can see the moment just before he turned tail in the pic above as he has hunkered down, and his legs are doing all sorts of things! I think he is in desperate need of some faster work to help use up some of his excess energy!
Jack was good though and his new aluminium wedge shoes are really doing the trick as he is much more free and loose in his stride now, so I am looking forward to stepping up his work load when I get back from holiday next week.

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