Jack’s dressage debut

Yesterday was Jack’s first dressage competition, a walk and trot test and Prelim 1 at a local low key venue. He took some persuading to get up from the field as he was sunbathing, but we plaited up, loaded up, and set off. For Jack’s first few outings the empahsis will be on good behaviour rather than results, so that we build a good foundation for the future. He came out the box sweaty, and quivering like a leaf so I walked and grazed him in hand for 25mins till he settled. He warmed up nicely for his 1st test. He is very much a work in progress, and doesn’t currently have the neck muscles to sustain work on the bit so I rode his test aiming for accuracy and obedience click images to enlarge

Thank you eagle eyed blog readers 🙂

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