Curse of the showjumps continues…

We trecked off to Bovignton BE90 today, an event I have never done before. When we arrived I collected my number and took a quick glance at my section, lots of low 30’s dressage marks eeeke! I thought that’s either a generous judge or some stiff competition! Turns out it was the latter as despite what I thought was a nice 35 maybe 36 mark test we got 38 🙁 A little harsh I think, and some rather picky comments on my sheet for an intro, but hey ho…
Sj warm up was horrid, hard and on a hill. We did a disasterous round, Soap was heavy, not listening, and not at all resembling the horse he has been in his last few lessons, and I rode like a lemon so cue 4 down!!!! Will go back to the drawing board with bits in our lesson this coming Wednesday to find something that gets him up in front not lower and heavier in the hand.

The XC was a rather short course through joining fields with a few bigger fences, 2 open ditches, a corner and a couple of very simple waters. With absolutely no chance of a ribbon I decided to just let Soap cruise round and enjoy himself, and he was fab. Great lines in the combinations, and some gorgeous strides to fences, he is a dream XC. Looked at our total and he came in within time so we ended on 54 which in our very stiff section left us 30th!
So the curse of the showjumping continues. In my mind he has 4 legs is flexible, sound, fit and willing so we must be able to go clear sj we just need more work on our technique. From now until Mattingley in May I am going to blitz it and hope that we get to that tippping point with our sj then there will be no stopping us 🙂

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