Introducing Mr Jack Fry…

He may not look much at the moment, but he’s going to be fab!
Jack Fry is a 12 year old tb ex-Point to Pointer who we aquired after he fractured his leg. He had a very fine spiral hairline fracture which meant the poor chap had to spend several months boxed in a huge splint. He recovered well, and is now starting to come back into work. He is now doing his 1st months lunging, and long reining in preparation for ridden work.
Depending on how he recovers willl determin his new career. I am hoping that we will be able to do some unaffiliated dressage and sj this summer in preparation for a BE80 (possibly Intro) later in the year. I don’t think that being an ex-PtoP the XC is going to phase him much! He looks whippet thin at the moment despite the amount of feed he is getting, but I think some long awaited work will bring the muscle and top-line he needs. He has the nicest nature going so I am really looking forward to riding, and competing him.

Watch this space for Jack updates…

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