Friday lesson & biting solutions

I had a great SJ lesson today with Liz Peerless. She set up an exercise (see image below) Intially it was just 3 trot poles between each jump stand, which then built to canter poles, and eventually 2 uprights each with a canter pole in front.

The aim is to (on the left rein) come round to the first fence, land and circle 10m to the  left, then jump the 2nd fence. This is repeated on the right rein.

It really made Soap work from his hocks on the circle and it stopped him from becoming stronger and faster after the fence. Intially he has issues with it and was strong but after one run through he had the idea.

What bit?…

Last year we competed SJ and XC in a Dutch Gag on the bottom ring, but I wasn’t totally happy with it. Soap wasn’t quick enough to respond to a half halt, and he would become heavier and lower as the round went on. I had a little practise with a Dr Bristow today but he didn’t like that either.

I think he doesn’t like jointed bits as he is alwasys fussy in his mouth with them, so I have bought a Cambridge Pelham to take him XC schooling in tomorrow (will take the gag too just incase) I have never ridden in a Pelham, and am aware that they are a very strong bit used incorrectly! I think the solid straight bar will suit him better as he schools in a Myler Solid Drop Snaffle and goes very sweetly in it. Hopefully it will give me enough control to make a half halt count, but not so much that he becomes behind the bridle. Watch this space…

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